About Us


We would like to take a few minutes of your time to help assure you that you Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom 1837-1952 svg have chosen the right product and the right company to undertake your proposed works, and to tell you a little about how Resindriveways.co.uk and resin bonded surfacing came together.

The founder and managing director of Resindriveways.co.uk left William Parker Grammar School in 1986 and joined a property maintenance company. After working for five years with them he left to chase his childhood dream of boats, and joined the British Merchant Navy.

During his voyages as a Petty Officer to other countries, especially the hotter regions Australia and New Zealand, (and closer to home, Spain and Italy in the Mediterranean) he was surprised to see many properties had resin bonded driveways, paths and patios, and even resin bonded surfaces around swimming pools (of course totally anti-slip). What one thing did all these different countries have in common, and that we are now experiencing? Extreme heat and, of course, global warming.

In 1998, after 7 years of home sickness, our founder came home and established Above Board Limited Property Maintenance.

During this time our founder visited a prospective customer. The customer so loved her old gravel drive but found it hard to bend down and constantly weed, rake and maintain. Not trusting a tarmac drive, she thought she had no other option but to accept one of those extortionate estimates that she had been given for block paving (although not one estimate included the area size of block paving to be laid).

So you can imagine her delight when our founder told her that there was an alternative to tarmac and block paving, and went on to explain about the resin bonded surfaces and the fact that you can have a great range of stone topping to match either your house or its surrounding environment which would not melt and was totally maintenance free!

Of course he won the contract and after a few days of investigating and long distant phone calls our founder laid his first resin bonded driveway.