Resin Bound Paving Services in UK

At, we provide cost-efficient resin bound paving ​services across the UK. Our resin bound services and resin bonded include the supply and installation of the following:

  • Resin Bound/Bonded Driveways
  • Resin Bound/Bonded Patios
  • Resin Bound/Bonded Paths
  • Resin Bound/Bonded Walkways
  • Resin Bound/Bonded Car Parks
  • Resin Bound/Bonded Pool Surrounds
  • Accessibility ramps
  • From planning to the job completion, we can easily manage all of the aspects of your surfacing requirements. We are just a call/click away. Contact us today for a free quote.

Resin Driveways for Specialising in Resin Bound Paving

At we specialise in providing resin bound paving​ that suits any budget and requirements. We provide an aesthetically appealing, maintenance-free and seamless finish resin bound paving​. Our paving is ideal for all projects, from a resin bound garden path or patio to a sporting complex and car park.

As compared to traditional paving systems, Resin Driveways resin bound paving​ is permeable which means it is produced using natural or recycled materials, making it a sustainable option. Plus these surfaces absorb heat and a prevention tool for flash flooding as it absorbs the water and doesn't direct water to drainage or allow it to build up on top of the surface.

We provide a wide range of colours and textures that are lasting, durable and suitable for vehicular traffic, gardens, pedestrian areas and decorative applications. Our years of experience and expertise enable us to provide the best quality products and service.

How Resin Bound Paving Reduces Ongoing Costs

Resin bound paving​ is a stunning alternative to concrete, gravel, decking and other forms of hard landscaping. It has many benefits, but the main advantage is its durability, and to keep it looking brand new little maintenance is required. The paving is UV resistant, which means the colours will not fade in sunlight. Our paving is permeable and is extremely strong against all weathers. Also, there will be no standing water to damage the surface.

Gardens are challenging and pricey to maintain, so it makes sense to choose products which reduce not only the time but also the cost of maintenance. Resin bound paving ​gives outstanding performance year after year and requires very little maintenance and look brand new for up to and beyond 25 years. Regular sweeping and occasional power washing easily remove dirt and grime, and you don't have to worry about whether heavy rain will cause damage or weeding.

Resin Driveways range of paving comes with a 10-year guarantee against loose stones and damage, which is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Creative Paving for Your Home or Business

You can get really creative with resin bound paving ​because it is extremely versatile with a lot of colour and design options. At every customer can find there perfect shade of paving by choosing from our wide range of different texture and colours.

Residential paving must look attractive and match the style of the rest of the home or property. When it comes to using resin bound paving​ for residential use, its seamless finish makes it ideal for use in driveways, pathways and front gardens. resin bound paving​ range is so adaptable that it can be used for multiple commercial purposes including courtyards, pool surrounds tree pits, leisure paving, and car parks. We have a colour matching service so we can blend the ideal colours of aggregate to match commercial designs to create bespoke designs. We can produce special themed images, business logos, names, and welcome signs to give you the most creative and unique flooring in the neighbourhood. Contact us today, and let us create an appealing paving for your home and business.